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Satan’s Theory On How To Take a Lv 14 City
note: This thread was in the original General Discussion, but I have reposted it here, where it belongs.

Dislcaimer: This theory is purely theory as was my lv 12 theory was so long ago. Of course, I need testing, but after crunching numbers with a lot more accuracy, I have come up with a pretty reliable theory on how one could break a lv 14. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Nothing to it. Thanks to the many people who have helped me with Historicals(Wodlere, 0Spwan0, X~calibur, Allidin, etc etc).

Preparation: First off, your going to need some BOSS attack heroes. I’m talking about 8 500 attack heroes(with at least 158 leadership). Note that War Horn is the equivalent of ~20 attack points in a hero. Your going to also need to have already captured a lv 12 NPC. If you are unsure about how to do that, then refer to this guide- http://bbs.evony.com/showthread.php?t=127725, and look at the lv 12 section.

Here are the troop numbers for a lv 14 Historical-
2.8 Million Warriors
406,666 Swordsmen/Pikemen
171,288 Archers
271,111 Cavalry/Cataphracts
36,600 Ballistae/Battering Rams/Catapults

6,000 Rolling Logs
6,666 Archer Towers
5,000 Rockfall
22,000 Traps
11,000 Abatis

First off, send 50 waves of 5k warriors to set off as many traps as possible. Once traps get into the 5,000 range, you can begin to attack.

Wave 1: 151k Archers, 3k Pikemen, 3k Swordsmen. Kills off 210k Cavs.

Wave 2: 155k Archers, 3k Warriors. Kills remaining Cavs, and ~100k Archers

Wave 3: 158k Archers. kills remaining Archers and ~200k Swordsmen

Wave 4: 155k Archers, 3k warriors, kills remaining Swordsmen, and 360k warriors(2.47mil remaining).

Wave 5: 155k Archers, 1k pikes, 1k swords, 1k warriors. kills ~600k Warriors(1.87 mil remaining).

Wave 6: 155k Archers, 1k pikes, 1k swords, 1k warriors. kills ~600k Warriors(1.1mil remaining).

Wave 7: 155k Archers, 1k pikes, 1k swords, 1k warriors. kills ~600k Warriors(500k remaining)

Wave 8: 155k Archers, 1k Pikes, 1k Swords, 1k Warriors kills remaining Warriors and Battering Rams

Wave 9: 120k Archers, 5k warriors, clears remaining re-spawns and ATs.

BOOM broken.

Total Archers: 1.4 Million Archers. 270k Warriors.

I figure that Enemies intel is around 200, and attack is around 200. All ideas from this thread come from hours of hard work on the notepad. Trust me, it’s the best way to do it. Yes I factored in optimum range or not. Yes I factored in defending range bonus.

I really out did my self on this one.

Satan’s post can be found @ http://bbs.evony.com/showthread.php?t=140575

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5 Responses to “Evony Age 2 Capture Level 14 City”

  1. Lukas says:

    Wave 1 will not kill cavs with 500att.

  2. Tregz says:

    How’re you sending 155k+ waves if even a level 10 rally with a war ensign only allow for 125k…? am i wrong?

  3. gelius says:

    tregz u can send 155k+ on a lvl 12 with ensigns

  4. matimus says:

    have u tried this plan of urs im not a big fan of losing troops even for a lv14, please respond to this i need to know if this works im going for mine soon, thnx

  5. Alvin Brown says:

    ok will it work this time:(

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